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Hardy Reels



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very rare un-catalogued 1st model of Hardy 1897 pattern the  "Silex Ocean Reel" in hardwood made for 1 year only and catalogued as a 6, fitted with the Silex action,1897- in John Drewett book on page 382 it features the 1st model Ocean stating it was only made in the 6 size, I sent the details of this reel to john Drewett with these  pictures and he corrected me in thinking it was the 2nd model , but it is a 1st model in the un-catalogued 4.1/2 size , his reply I copy and  paste below, confirming it is the 1897  1st model. and possibly never seen. John has never seen the 4.1/2" size

 From John Drewett

Hi John,

Actually your reel is the 1897 only Silex Ocean with Silex action shown on pages 380 and 382.  They were catalogued as being available only in a 6 inch size however I am not surprised to see one in 4 1/2 inch as Hardy would generally supply what was required.  I suspect the case is a marriage.  The light colour handle is a replacement as the colour is wrong but done a very long time ago

 Hope of help.


 very rare 1st model of 4.1/2" Hardy  1898 pattern then "Silex Ocean" in hardwood, fitted with the Silex action,1897 reel having twin horn handle on elliptical seats, ( i handle lighter it looks to be original but possible changed in its earlier life,) I think best left as is ) the patina looks the same era as the reel,  brass telephone latch with iron lock screw back-plate and spool edge and face concaved, Bickerdyke line guide, reel fitted with the Silex action with the semicircle steel brake has been brazed at one end to avoid the hard steel wearing the softer brass of the brake lever'  "The Silex" and Hardy's Patent, stamped to the cross on back plate of the reel, reel in fine original condition in a fine un-named block leather case  ( strap weak ), this is a very rare never seen before 4.1/2 "Silex Ocean" ,  reel as described in John Drewett Hardy book page 383, this model was probably a David Slater made reel, with Hardy fitting the Silex  action in there own factory, later models were with aluminium lining to back plate and the  inside of the spool, so this is the 1st model 1898 with Silex action, reel in fine original condition and comes in a  un-named block leather case, (  strap  with wear  )

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