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Brindley John Ayers Catalogue of Vintage and Collectable Fishing Tackle

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New Books

All books offered in this section are brand new and selected for their interest to collectors of all old fishing tackle. We continually search the market for new publications and add these when available.
Book 1

Fishing Tackle - A Collectors Guide. 
By Graham Turner.

This superb book is considered to be the finest all round book for collectors of British fishing tackle in the world. Very large measuring 11”x 8.3/4” with 384 pages and weighing 1.8kg. This fascinating book contains 32 colour plates and 750 black and white illustrations, with huge amounts of information. It provides the collector with a definitive and comprehensive reference on the many aspects of tackle collecting, and includes a very large section on Hardy products listing all the rods, reels, and accessories the company made and listing the periods of production.

The book also lists over 250 London makers of fishing tackle from the 17th century onwards  including their many address changes. There is also a complete directory of Scottish manufacturers, and detailed histories of all the great names in English fishing tackle – Hardy, Farlow, Malloch, Allcock's, Haywood, etc. etc. with illustrated guides to the tackle they produced. A further section is devoted to American tackle which our friends in the States will find interesting. Auction prices up to the time of printing the book were collected over several years by the author and provide an insight into the growth of the tackle collecting hobby while providing the newcomer and the experienced.

Collector with valuations of prices realised around the world. No serious collector can afford to be without this book on the shelf to help trace that rarity, and no newcomer can afford to miss the opportunity to identify his possessions and their value accurately.

Note! I am the sole Agent for this book world-wide, retailers wishing to stock this book should contact me for further information.







Book 2

Hardy Brothers The Masters The Men and Their Reels  By John Drewett

This staggering “Tour de Force” of a book is the most comprehensive work ever undertaken and produced on the reels designed and made by the world’s most illustrious Fishing tackle manufacturer – Hardy Bros. Six hundred pages, 150,000 words, and 800 photographs in colour. Detailed photographs show reel design and development, whilst biographies of the Hardy family and the firm’s reel makers give a fascinating insight into the social conditions of the time and particularly of the men who unknowingly secured immortality by stamping their initials inside the reels they produced. This book was twenty years in the writing and will stand for all time as a tribute to the single minded dedication of the author to his task. This is a book which should be bought for itself, that it will have huge appeal to all collectors of fishing tackle, or to those simply interested in the history of the greatest name in British tackle manufacture, should not prevent fishermen the world over from having this book as something to pick up and discover something new each time it is opened. Dealing first with the men who made the reels, the book moves on in chronological order to chart the unending diversity of the countless reels Hardy’s produced between 1873 and 1939 which is the period covered by this book. Not only are the production reels extensively covered but also the many specially ordered reels famous for their association with the big names in angling history. There are also chapters on prototype reels which never reached production but examples of which escaped from the factory. If you thought you knew all there was to know of Hardy reels be prepared to be shocked. The contents of this ‘Magnum opus’ can only be hinted at in this brief summary, but suffice it to say that production figures for some Hardy reels are surprising – and you may well find you have a valuable treasure sitting on your shelf. Together with this information comes a complete list of all Hardy catalogues issued since the inception of the business. It is difficult to avoid drawing comparison with the Graham Turner book listed above, but both these books stand alone each on their own merits, neither book is sufficient by itself. Both books fill a need for the collector and whenever possible I urge you to get both – not necessarily together but as soon as you can. This book weighs over 2.5kg, no expense was spared in its production and it is printed on the finest paper. 

book 2 book 2 book 2 book 2 book 2 £125
Book 3 


Limited to 350 copies only worldwide all of which are numbered and signed by the author. Features special to this book are, gilt edged paper, a bound in book mark in the form of a Hardy freight label, and a reproduction of the diploma awarded to Hardy’s for the 1883 International Exhibition has been included which is bound into the back of the book. Supplied in cloth covered slip case, very few copies available and immediate ordering is recommended to secure a copy.


book 3 book 3 book 3 book 3 book 3 book 3 book 3 SORRY NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME



Book 4

Reproduction early catalogues 
by John Drewett.

The House of Hardy in conjunction with John Drewett have reproduced a limited number of early catalogues to satisfy demand for information contained in these early publications. The catalogues reprinted are from 1883, 1888, 1894, 1900, and 1905. These catalogues have been reproduced as issued originally, the 1883 – being a small publication – is being sold together with the 1888 at an inclusive price of £54:95 for the two, the other three catalogues are available individually at £54:95 each. All 5 catalogues taken together for £199 include a free slip case and give a saving of £20 over the individual price. 

book 4 £200



Book 7


This book was the catalogue for the exhibition of old fishing tackle held in the ‘British Engineer’ in Brighton during the early 1980s. It gives detailed description of 606 reels, rods, gadgets, baits, and boxes. The booklet contains 10 coloured plates of tackle and many in black and white, 48pp. Long out of print the booklet is now very scarce. this book is now nearly all sold out, I bought the last 20 copies, but the price to me went up, this will never be reprinted


book12 £20


only 8 copies left , then out of print

Book 8


Chris's new book on the identification of bait mounts , harnesses, live bait mounts, flights and dead bait spinners is to be launched this month, the information in this book is in chronological order, with a quick reference  section at the end for speedy identification. The book is soft covered with 80 printed pages


book9book9book9book9 £60
Book 9


Chris's new book on the identification of bail mounts, harnesses, live bait mounts, flights and dead bait spinners is to be launched this month, the information in this book is in chronological order, with a quick reference section at the end for speedy identification. The book is soft covered with 80 printed pages and is in the same format as Best of British Bates.

  book10 £35
Book 10

Jess Miller The Dunkeld Collection book on Hardy Lures and Reels March 2004 Launch of Quality Hardy Reference Work

The Dunked Collection Hardy Reels - Jess Miller
Now including Hardy Lures and Price Guides

Featuring the Dunkeld Collection of 172 rare Hardy Reels
The first ever study of Hardy Lures and 2004 Price Guides to more than 240 Reels and Lures

Jess Miller's original large format Hardy Reel Catalogue of the Dunkeld Collection brought valuable knowledge of rare Hardy reels to collectors world-wide back in 1987. Now fully revised and edited with knowledge gained in the intervening sixteen year period Jess is republishing his work in book format.
Each section gives information on a particular reel model with more detailed information on individual reels explaining rarity, production dates and size ranges coupled with photographs of reels displaying their check mechanisms to assist recognition and dating.

This new book on the Dunkeld Collection also contains the first study of more than 70 Hardy Lures with colour photographs and information as to their rarity, sales/production dates, sizes and colour ranges.
Most important are the Price Guides that give more than 240 bracketed guide prices to every item in the book collated from auction and tackle fair sales.
These carefully constructed Price Guides will prove a boon to the Hardy tackle owner, collector or value.

Jess Miller presents an affordable, quality, factual reference work crammed with invaluable information and recording in full colour some of the rarest Hardy Reels and Lures ever seen.
Soft back, 203 mm by 254 mm, 91 pages, 180 colour plates, sewn binding


book14 book14 book14 book14 book14 book14 £23

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